Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Tooth whitening is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile.  After ten years of whitening smiles, we’ve focused on three major options to meet everyone’s needs and budgets:

  1. Opalescence Go – It is an easy, affordable whitening with professional-strength hydrogen peroxide. It has the one-size-fits-all, impression-free convenience of white strips, but with improved fit and stronger gel.
  2. KöR Deep Bleaching Trays – Tightly sealed custom bleach trays carry a proprietary gel designed to deliver active peroxide for the longest time possible. No other home whitening kit can match it.
  3. KöR Max Whitening – It is for our toughest, most whitening-resistant cases, we do 2-8 weeks of KöR Deep Whitening Trays overnight, followed by a full hour of office whitening.

Each of these solutions offers a unique value proposition.  Opalescence Go! has put professional strength whitening at an attractive and accessible price, without the fuss (and occasional gagging) of custom tray impressions.  Grab the box and go.

Tetracycline stained teeth are almost impossible to whiten because the color goes to the core.

Tetracycline-stained teeth are almost impossible to whiten because the color goes to the core.

KöR Deep Whitening Trays provide a level of whitening consistency that we’ve never seen in any take-home product before.  The meticulous impression technique captures the gum tissue so accurately, that we’re able to seal out saliva and seal in the peroxide all night long.  We’ve tried less expensive products, but none have been as effective.  If your dentist is mixing powder and water to take your bleaching tray impression, they cannot possibly create a tray that fits as tightly as a KöR Deep Whitening Tray.  Trust me, we’ve tried.

After KOR Deep Whitening Treatment

Visibly whiter teeth after Kor Max Whitening* – a proven multi-step protocol for the most difficult cases

KöR Max Whitening is the pinnacle of tooth whitening.  Unlike Zoom and other mass-marketed bleaching products, it’s built on science that works.  No gimmicky blue lights that only dehydrate teeth and increase sensitivity.  After two weeks of KöR Deep Whitening, the teeth are primed for one-hour whitening treatment in the office.  That’s 60 minutes of gel exposure time, not 60 minutes of appointment time with only 30-40 minutes in the mouth.   And because of the two-week home treatment beforehand, the one-hour in-office whitening is not only more effective, the results are definitively longer lasting.   All one-hour treatments will have a rebound, but you will have better color hold if you white at home either before or after the in-office whitening.  Again, we’ve tried three or four other one-hour whitening systems, and KöR has impressed us more than any other.

Kor Max Whitening can treat even impossible tetracyline staining

Kor Max Whitening can treat even impossible tetracycline staining

Which system is the best for you?  Please come visit us, so we can evaluate your teeth, your goals, and your budget to come up with a solution that fits you.  We can even come up with a whitening protocol customized for you.

*Case notes: these photos are from an actual case performed at our office using an extended version of Kor Max Whitening.   We used controlled, calibrated lighting to ensure consistency before and after comparison photography with integrity.  Minor exposure and color balance was used; no spot corrections were applied in post-processing.  If in doubt–compare the skin and gums in before and after photos before you compare the teeth.

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