Dentistry for Kids

Our children are everything to us. That’s why it’s so important to find a family dentist you can trust. We are lucky enough to live in Orange County, where there are many good choices for pediatric dentistry. But what we hear over and over again from parents is that they want one dental home for the entire family. We want to nurture a lifelong love of health and wellness, and it starts with a great dental care experience.

The Experience

The first thing kids will notice is the table just for them in the reception room. They’ll find fun books and toys to play with. We are a team of a pediatric dentist in Foothill Ranch who is fantastic at making kids feel welcome and at ease. We’ve also equipped all our dental chairs with personalized HD televisions and family-friendly programming. And after the check-up is done, a balloon and toy box is waiting for them.

Our Philosophy of Prevention

The best filling material of all isn’t silver, gold, or white—it’s no filling at all. We take a broader perspective on cardiology, the science of preventing cavities. If we can prevent cavities from ever happening, we can eliminate virtually all the emotional trauma and fear that children take into adulthood. It’s not enough to just apply sealants and lecture on flossing.

In addition to oral hygiene instruction, our pediatric dentists often take the extra time to talk about family history, nutrition, fluoride supplementation, and general health issues that can increase the odds of developing cavities. We’ll develop an individualized, practical strategy for both children and adults to minimize the spread of tooth decay. And when necessary, we’ll employ the latest technology to treat cavities as conservatively and painlessly as possible.

Laser Microdentistry is Great for Kids

The biggest leap forward in the care of children was the Fotona Lightwalker dental laser. Extremely short pulses of focused light vaporize cavities one snowflake at a time. Because they are so fast, there is very little heat or vibration, the two big causes of dental pain. Think about a hot frying pan in your kitchen; if you touch it briefly enough with a wet finger, you won’t burn yourself because there isn’t enough time for heat buildup.

Every tooth and every person is different, so we can’t promise painless dentistry without shots for everyone. About 3 in 4 patients overall do not require anesthetic injections with the Lightwalker. But oddly enough, the percentage is dramatically higher with children–about 9 in 10 can have their fillings done without injections. And even then, Dr. Le takes great care to give the most painless shot possible.

It’s A Team Effort

A great dental visit for your child is a team effort. Our staff will do everything possible, and occasionally even the impossible, to make sure your kids have the best care possible. Here’s what every parent can do to help:

Daily home care – We recommend that parents do the brushing and flossing of teeth twice a day. Mom and/or dad do all the work up to age 3, phasing in kids’ participation as soon as they are ready.  Supervise them at least until age 5.

You wash your hair before a haircut …. so brush and floss your teeth before the visit.  It will make the exam and cleaning easier.

Explain ahead of time – There are several good storybooks about visiting the dentist for the first time. We highly recommend you take the time to read and explain a dental checkup to your children. It helps both of you to mentally prepare for the experience.

Positive dental attitude – Assure your child that it’s going to be a fun experience.

Best time of day – Schedule their first dental visit at the time of day when their energy level is normally at its best.

Fuel in the tank – Make sure that they have had a light meal or snack before their visit. Low blood sugar is a recipe for anxiety and irritability.

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